Maintaining (or improving) our relationships, work and personal, is directly tied to how emotionally intelligent we are. And how emotionally intelligent we are starts with our self-awareness. But how easy is it to be self-aware? How accurate are you at diagnosing whether your mood and behaviors are picking people up or dragging them down? Before you interact with others (arrive at work or walk in the restaurant to meet your best friend) check in with yourself. How am I feeling: positive and upbeat? Tired and deflated? Full of dread or doubt? Thankful? Resentful? Whatever the answer, you are now yours to manage. Your excitement might not match your team’s (or your friend’s). Help them get there by staying in the light. On the other hand, your dread is a downer. Do everything in your power to find something positive to focus on and start there. A great place to look? The effort of a teammate. By praising effort, you create an environment where teammates believe anything is possible.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” —Eckhart Tolle

Leslie Phillips