Serves 6

2 green plantains*, peeled
1 tbsp salt 3 cups water
1 garlic clove, thinly sliced
1 cup vegetable oil (for frying)
2 tsp flaky salt

1. Cut plantains to 1″.
2. Mix water, first amount salt & garlic until salt dissolves.
3. Soak cut plantains in salt water for 20 min; pat dry.
4. Heat oil to 350°F.
5. Fry plantains until golden brown; drain on paper towel.
6. Smash plantains to ¼” thickness.
7. Fry plantains again until golden brown & crispy.
8. Sprinkle with flaky salt immediately.

*Plantains should be green; yellow plantains have already begun to sweeten and are not preferred for this preparation.
**Can be served with fresh salsas.