Fresh, Local, Scratch


Food the right way

From the quality and source of our ingredients, to how we prepare meals, to how we clean up, we are committed to reducing our impact on our natural resources and to respecting the gift of real foods.

What’s Local Right Now?

Thanks to our partnerships with local providers, Meriwether’s features many year-round locally sourced ingredients from fruits and veggies to pork and milk, and much more. Each day, local offerings are indicated with signage so you can make a point to enjoy them.


We are committed to these initiatives:

Rooftop Gardening

Recycling (aluminum, paper/cardboard, and plastic)

Trayless dining

Giving leftovers an “encore”

Collecting fryer oil for biofuel with regional partner Greenlight Biofuels

Commitment to Quality 

Since our start in 1985, we’ve made it our goal to serve foods and menus that are popular, nutritious, fresh, and beautifully presented – without sacrificing variety or healthfulness.

We draw on our years of diverse experience to make sure our menus have something for everyone – regardless of culture, age, dietary restrictions or personal preferences. This means we are constantly learning, watching, refining, experimenting and many of our ideas come from you. Our systems and processes help our Chefs customize, plan and serve balanced, variety-filled menus each day. They also streamline tasks allowing more time for creativity, sourcing and our guests.

Local Partnerships

We choose to buy from local growers and providers as much as possible. In doing so, we promote local economies, reduce our carbon footprint, and serve fresher, seasonal ingredients. We strive to have something local at every meal, every day, no matter the time of year. 

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