Meriwether’s at the Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol and culinary partner Meriwether Godsey team together to provide all of the Capitol’s dining and catering services.

Our Mission

To provide fabulous food, true service, and strong stewardship.
To carefully and creatively prepare meals, every day.
To take care of all our resources: natural, financial, and people.

Our Commitment

To anticipate what you want or need before even you realize it!  That’s what we call “hospitality.”

It’s about the food!

Tasty, fun, good-looking, and real!

Scratch Cooking

“Scratch” is defined as “from the beginning.”  For us, this is the only way.  Our team is passionate about cooking and totally committed to this philosophy. This is true not just for entrees, but for soups, composed salads, sides, as well as salad dressings, sauces, and desserts.  In addition, we offer selections that are locally made by others — like artisan breads and pastries.

We like to hear from you

Dining should make everyone happy – and we need your help!  The saying goes:  “feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Yours is key:  likes, dislikes, new recipes, ideas for fun, and on and on.  Come see us.  We have open doors and open minds!

Contact us: pturnage@merig.com