Switching up the order of MG core value number 5: Be positive, be gracious, be kind. Don’t ask me to pick which behavior is most important…can’t do it! But this article (Choose your focus because your eyes control your tongue) zeros in on being positive. What does that really mean? Here are some points to consider…

It’s not enough to accentuate the positive. You have to eliminate the negative.
Walk around looking for mistakes and all you talk about is mistakes.
Repeated complaining hard-wires the brain to do more complaining. The more negative you are, the more negative you become.

Steps to help?

  1. Focus on solutions when problems emerge.
  2. Focus on strengths. High performance comes from leveraging strengths not fixing (all) weaknesses.
  3. Focus on the future. Remember the future is built today.
  4. Focus on gratitude.
  5. Focus on progress. Energy increases with forward movement, as long as you don’t complain that it’s not enough!