Rice Fruit Company is a family run business, which was founded in 1913 by Arthur Rice. The history goes back to around 1790 when Daniel Rice, the first member of the Rice family, settled in Adams County, as a young German immigrant. He recognized that the scenic foothills of the South Mountain, the eastern-most ridge of the Appalachians, had ideal soils and a perfect climate for growing many kinds of fruit…especially apples. For another four generations, the Rice family continued to plant orchards as the notoriety of Adams County grown fruit began to spread. The first packing house was built in 1913 (in Biglerville, PA) and throughout the 20’s and 30’s, Rice Fruit Company continued to ship apples all over the world. In 1955, Arthur Rice, Jr., built a new (the current) packing facility located in Gardners, PA. Arthur Rice, Jr. also formed a partnership with William Lott, to form R&L Orchards, which grew most of the fruit packed by Rice Fruit Company. The partnership between the Rice and Lott families continues to this day.

Rice Fruit Company takes great pride in selling one of the first whole foods that nature made. In the 100+ years that Rice Fruit Company has been marketing fruit, they have been diligent in moving forward and embracing new technologies, while also staying true to their valued heritage. Being a leader comes with great responsibility, not just to the product, but for the company and future generations.

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Image provided by Valerie M. Ramsburg