When I first read this Washington Post Wellness article, I admit I scoffed at the very notion of  “non-physical exercise.”  The author poses the question “could non-physical exercise or “exertion of daily living” offer the same benefits as regular physical exercise?” The current CDC recommendation is 60 minutes a day of physical activity), which sounds daunting to someone who does not enjoy exercise in any form.

Most of us are familiar with the benefits of exercise-lower risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, depression, & obesity to name a few. While I personally find exercise enjoyable, I understand there are many who find exercise punishing.  For my clients that do not enjoy any type of physical exercise, we work on finding nontraditional activities that will get their body moving.


Options for non-physical exercise in a nutshell:

  • Move more (think of a fidgety second grader)
  • Sit less (Americans spend an average of over 40 percent of their working days in a chair)
  • Engage in home maintenance activities (housework that involves labor such as making beds, carrying laundry up the stairs, gardening, etc.).
  • Schedule walking meetings at work, move trash cans away from your chair, take the stairs.


For more details on non-physical activity, I highly encourage you to read this article.  Bottom line, exercise lover or hater, we all benefit from more movement in our day.