Serves 4


1 (5-7lb) roasting chicken
1 c basil pesto sauce (homemade is best!)
3 T dry white wine
¾ c (plus 2 T) chicken broth
2 T all purpose flour
3 T whipping cream
fresh basil sprigs


1. Pat chicken dry. Slide hand between chicken skin & meat (over breast & legs) to form pockets.
2. Reserve 1 T pesto for gravy, then spread the rest of the pesto under the skin in pockets, in cavity & over outer skin.
3. Tie legs together, tuck wings under body, place chicken in large roasting pan.
4. Preheat oven 450°F & roast chicken 15 mins. Reduce heat 375°F & roast 1¼ hr more (internal temp 165°F).
5. Transfer chicken to platter, pour pan juices into glass cup, degrease & reserve.
6. Add wine to roasting pan & bring to a boil, scrape up browned bits.
7. Combine 2 T broth & flour in a bowl, stir until smooth.
8. In heavy saucepan, add wine mixture, pan juices, ¾ c chicken broth, & flour mixture; bring to boil whisking constantly.
9. Boil until reduced to sauce consistency about 5 mins. Mix in 1 T pesto, cream, s&p.
10. Garnish chicken platter with basil sprigs, serve pesto gravy on the side.