In the spirit of ‘let no crisis go to waste,’  MG has regrouped, rallied, scrapped, and scraped to try our best to take care of our circle. This has meant sacrifice for all and extreme sacrifice for many. This pandemic doesn’t define us, but how we’ve met the challenge does. And as we enter this typically special time of year, we have an atypical sentiment in our hearts and on our minds. How grateful we are for our capacity to—no matter what—love food, people, and serving others. With a nod to core value #6, build fun, flexible teams……..MG’s own Emily Dickenson, Sara Thompson, gives us this.

‘Tis December 2020, the world turned on its head,
Time for a jingle about how we’ve stayed fed?
Despite all the upset, we have cause to rejoice,
Our clients still need us – their #1 choice.
“Please help us through this” we heard them say
“Can you still feed us – just figure a way?”
So we put our heads down and went straight to the task
What will it look like? So glad you asked…
We can give you a bag to take food away
or rearrange tables if you’d like to stay
We’ll get in a truck and bring food to your door,
We’ll pour you a drink, and wait there is more
We’ll put food in a box or a bowl or a dome,
We’ll serve your whole meal, just like at home
We’ll make you a cookie and wrap it up tight
in case you require a snack late at night
A reception or meeting – hey, that will be great
We’ll give you a party – all on one plate!
We’ll give you an app to order your meal,
When your food arrives – how happy you’ll feel!
We’ll learn some new lingo – RTS, PPE
Social distance, contract tracing, and Dr. Fauci
We’ll redo our kitchens with 6’ in between
And sanitize things like you’ve never seen
We’ll text out a form to be sure we’re ok
Have you coughed, wheezed, or gasped – temperature normal today?
You will not believe all the things we’ll go through
To be sure you are getting the safest of food.
For 35 years we’ve served menus with wow
We’re not going to let a virus stop us now!
In our core value tees, with a vaccine in sight,
Safe Holidays to all and to all a good night!