Serves 6


½ c sugar
½ c orange juice (fresh is best)
1 T orange zest (optional)
1 c fruity white wine (or ½ c white grape juice with ½ c of water)
2 c blueberries, fresh or frozen
dash salt
1 c whipped cream or plain yogurt
fresh mint, chopped


1. Bring sugar, OJ, orange zest, wine or grape juice/water to boil.
2. Add blueberries; cook until they pop & sugar has dissolved.
3. Add dash of salt; remove from heat & cool completely.
4. Puree cooled blueberry mixture. Strain through fine sieve. Chill.
5. Before serving, swirl in whipped cream or yogurt.
6. Garnish with a little chopped fresh mint.

Originally featured in “Food Rules” – May 2011