Hometown: Portmore, Jamaica
Career: Cook at Georgetown Day School, Washington, D.C.

Q: What are some of your fondest memories of being in the kitchen?
A: Everyone would gather at my great grandmothers’ house for Sunday dinners. I would watch her in the kitchen… this is where I really fell in love with cooking, where I mastered my 1st dish, jambalaya!”

Q: Was there any person(s) who inspired your love for cooking at a young age?
A: “My family did not have much. Dad grew herbs and vegetables to lower food costs. He would cook from that garden and I have fond memories of humble dishes, like stews… and traditional Jamaican dishes such as curried goat and stewed oxtails, although those were enjoyed rarely.”

Q: In a short phrase, how would you describe cooking for others?
A: “I consider food to be art and love that I can create something that people enjoy”