Career: Baker at St. Catherine’s School, Richmond, VA

Q: What did the kitchen / cooking represent in your family?
A: “Food signifies holidays and get togethers. We eat, play games, and everyone brings their best dish! Everybody bonds over food, especially my family.”

Q: Was there any person who inspired your love of cooking at a young age?
A: “My mom! She was a busy, single mom and the kitchen was our special time together. I definitely picked some things up from her along the way, and it ended up being something I enjoyed doing and was good at.”

Q: What are some of your most cherished dishes?
A: Anything that represents traditional soul food; fish, chicken, cabbage, roasted vegetables, cornbread and sweets in general!

Q: In a short phrase, how would you describe cooking for others?
A: I love it when the food I make is appreciated by others!